The Duncan Yo-Yo Company is responsible for the majority of yo-yos in circulation today. Duncans mass advertising campaigns in the mid 20th century helped to popularize the yo-yo and fortell the toy of the century.

Dating back to the late 1920's Duncan has been developing and creating yo-yos. For the majority of that time Duncan produced many different types of wooden yo-yos. Many of these yo-yos can be found in collections or antique shops today.

Today the company manufactuers only a couple wooden yo-yos but a few lines of plastic and ball bearing models. Once the powerhouse of the industry, Duncan is now trying to hold on to the serious yo-yo enthusiast by launching a new series of toys.

Founded: 1929
Founder: Donald F. Duncan
Yo-Yo Types: Wooden Fixed Axle, Plastic ball bearing, Free Style
Customer Service: : 800-232-3474
Location: Middlefield, Ohio

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