Playmaxx (Duncraft)

Playmaxx was founded by Donald Duncan Jr. in 1976. At playmaxx Duncan introduced a take apart yo-yo, the "pro-yo", This plastic sided yo-yo had a metal axle which was replaced with a removeable wooden axle a few years later. In 1996 Tom Van Dan Elzen purchased Playmaxx and is still the current owner.

Today, Playmaxx manufactuers a great line of yo-yos including the "pro-yo 2." Of most importance to the is the Roadster that they introduced in late 1999. This all wood fixed axle yo-yo, "The Roadster", is a one of a kind yo. It sleeps well and lands tricks smoothly.

For more information on the History of Playmaxx, plese go here.
Founded: 1976
Founder: Donald F. Duncan Jr.
Yo-Yo Types: Wooden Fixed Axle, Plastic ball bearing, Metal, Ad Yo's
Customer Service: : (877)-GO PROYO
Location: Tuscon, AZ

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