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History on a Yo-Yo Half

Here is our brief overview of Yo-Yo history. We won't keep you too long. For a more complete history check out our links to resources on the web at the bottom of this page!

The yo-yo is over 2000 years old...the second oldest toy in the world! Yo-Yo's, or disks as they might have been called, are believed to have originated in Ancient Greece. In Greece, people were walking the dog and hoppin the fence, can you imagine a yo-yo made out of terracota? You think modern yo-yos hurt when they return.

From Greece the yo-yo has been found in Aztec and Mayan civilizations, throughout Europe and well, lets just say, ALL OVER THER WORLD!

In Europe the yo-yo showed up in the hands of Napoleon and King Louis. We can assume that if these cats were throwing sleepers, many others were as well.

It is said that Pedro Flores, from the Philipines, was the man that brought the yo-yo to the US in the early 1900's. He helped initiate the yo-yo craze in America.

Donlad Duncan ran into Pedro Flores, and the rest is History. Duncan has become a household name and the yo-yo, the toy of the century.

Since the introduction of the yo-yo in this country many yo-yo companies have erupted. Check out our links page and builders section to find out more about those manufactuers.


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